Everything you really need to know about Logi-IQ

1. About Logi-IQ and route optimization

Logi-IQ is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that offers route optimization tools for logistics taskforces. Route optimization is the process of determining the most efficient route(s) from a given starting point to multiple destinations, considering factors like distance, travel time, traffic conditions, and specific user-defined constraints (e.g., delivery time windows, vehicle capacity).
Logi-IQ offers a 1-month free trial that allows you to optimize up to 250 tasks and dispatch routes for one driver, giving you access to explore its main features.

Logi-IQ streamlines task management for logistics, offering an intuitive web dashboard for dispatchers and a mobile app for drivers. Dispatchers upload and optimize tasks, customizing requirements for efficiency and dispatching routes to drivers. They monitor task progress in real time, ensuring optimal route execution. Drivers receive their assignments through the app, updating task statuses on-the-go for seamless communication and operational efficiency. This integrated approach enables precise coordination between dispatch and field, enhancing delivery accuracy and customer satisfaction. Logi-IQ’s user-friendly interface ensures easy adoption and maximizes logistics performance with real- time insights and control.

2. Usage of Logi-IQ

Logi-IQ route optimization tools are ideal for logistics, courier, delivery, e- commerce, distributors, field sales, door-to-door marketing, installation and maintenance, waste collection, and healthcare and pharma sectors. These tools streamline operations, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction across diverse industries requiring precise and timely logistics and field service management.
Logi-IQ’s route optimization services are designed to be globally accessible, enabling users from any country to optimize their routes efficiently. This wide availability ensures that whether you are managing logistics operations in the United States, coordinating deliveries across Europe, or planning transportation routes in Asia, Africa, or anywhere else in the world, you can leverage Logi-IQ’s technology to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance the reliability of your delivery services.
Yes, Logi-IQ can handle multiple vehicles and routes, allowing for the planning of logistics for all of your fleets. It considers vehicle capacity, operating hours, and other constraints to ensure efficient route planning.
The duration of each task is determined by combining the driving time, which is calculated using data from the mapping service and average speed, with the time needed to accomplish the task itself (task duration).
Yes, you can assign priorities to specific tasks or deliveries, and the optimization algorithm will adjust the routes to accommodate these priorities, ensuring that high-priority deliveries are completed within their specified time frames.
Logi-IQ allows users to define specific time windows for each delivery or pickup, ensuring that the optimized routes respect these time constraints, leading to improved customer satisfaction and adherence to schedules.

Yes, Logi-IQ offers real-time vehicle tracking using the drivers GPS, enabling users to monitor their fleet’s location and progress on the optimized routes, facilitating better coordination and responsiveness to unforeseen events.

To track your drivers, their device’s Location Detection should be on, and they should be On-Duty on Logi-IQ driver’s app.

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3. Pricing & Plans

Selecting the right plan for your needs from Logi-IQ’s offerings involves considering several key factors to ensure that the service aligns perfectly with your operational requirements. Begin by assessing the volume of tasks you need to optimize concurrently, determine how many tasks you need to optimize simultaneously. Tasks can include deliveries, pickups, service visits, or any other type of job that requires routing; this will help you determine the capacity and scalability you require from the service. Next, consider the number of drivers or vehicles you intend to dispatch. This is crucial for ensuring that the plan you choose can adequately support your fleet size or driver team, enabling efficient route optimization and dispatch processes. Additionally, take into account the specific features that are essential for your operations. Logi-IQ may offer a range of additional functionalities, such as real-time tracking, advanced analytics, customer notification systems, and more. Identifying the features that are critical for enhancing your operational efficiency and customer satisfaction will guide you in selecting a plan that not only fits your current needs but also has the flexibility to accommodate future growth and changes in your business. By carefully evaluating these aspects, you can make an informed decision that optimizes your investment in route optimization services, ensuring you get the maximum value and performance from Logi-IQ.
Absolutely, expanding your team of drivers to accommodate growing business needs or increased demand is straightforward with Logi-IQ. You can seamlessly add more drivers to your existing plan directly through the billing page. This flexibility ensures that as your operations expand, your route optimization capabilities scale accordingly.
Of course! Should your operations expand, necessitating the optimization of a greater number of tasks, or if you find yourself in need of additional features, upgrading your plan is straightforward. You can conveniently manage this process directly from the billing page. This flexibility ensures that as your business evolves, your route optimization services can scale alongside it, providing you with the necessary tools and capabilities to meet your growing needs efficiently. Whether it’s accommodating more tasks, expanding your driver team, or accessing advanced features, the option to upgrade allows you to tailor the service to fit your operational requirements seamlessly.

4. Logi-IQ key elements

In Logi-IQ, a task represents a distinct, individual action that needs to be carried out, such as a delivery, pickup, or any service at a specified location. Logi-IQ plans allow for a certain number of tasks to be optimized simultaneously, with limits varying across plans (for example, the users can optimize up to 700 tasks at one route optimization in the Starter Plan). Importantly, while there’s a cap on the number of tasks that can be optimized simultaneously, there’s no restriction on the total volume of tasks handled daily or monthly, nor on the number of optimization to be excuted.

Importing and Managing Tasks To import tasks into Logi-IQ, navigate to the “Import Tasks” feature, where you can upload files in CSV or Excel formats. This platform supports bulk import, allowing you to efficiently manage large volumes of tasks. Upon importing, you’ll have the opportunity to review and adjust how your data has been mapped to ensure accuracy.

Accessing and Exporting Optimized Routes Logi-IQ enables you to download your optimized routes as Excel files.

Customizing Routes Logi-IQ offers tools to manually adjust planned routes, including drag and drop features on both the map and timeline, for integrating unscheduled tasks or reordering existing ones. Detailed guides are available to assist in customizing your routes for optimal efficiency.


Monitoring Route Metrics After planning your routes, Logi-IQ provides comprehensive insights into total route distances and other critical metrics per driver, accessible from the dashboard. This information is pivotal for efficient resource allocation and performance monitoring.


Adjusting for Driver Speed Recognizing individual driver capabilities, Logi-IQ allows for the adjustment of average driving speeds to reflect real-world performance more accurately, enhancing route optimization.
Task Assignments Logi-IQ supports specific task assignments to drivers, ensuring operational flexibility and efficiency. This can be configured during task import by aligning driver information with system records.


Order Management Modifications, including order deletions, are possible unless routes have been dispatched. Logi-IQ provides solutions for route adjustment and order management post-dispatch, emphasizing flexibility in operations.


Troubleshooting Import Issues If tasks do not appear post-import, Logi-IQ advises checking geocoding status and ensuring all addresses are accurately recognized. It’s crucial to save imported data properly to avoid loss or misplacement.


Optimization Concerns Should you encounter seemingly suboptimal routes, Logi-IQ suggests verifying constraints and manual adjustments. The platform is designed to consider all specified parameters to generate the most efficient routes possible.


Comprehensive Planning Logi-IQ addresses challenges like unassigned tasks and route distribution among drivers, offering features like “Balance routes and use all drivers” to ensure equitable workload distribution and optimal route planning.


Visual Route Representation Routes are simplified for ease of understanding but can be adjusted to display actual road paths, offering a realistic view of the routes your drivers will take.
Supporting Multiple Depots Logi-IQ accommodates operations with multiple depots by allowing customized start and end locations for drivers, reflecting the logistical reality of diverse businesses.


Dealing with Unplanned Orders For newly added tasks requiring depot returns, Logi-IQ’s “return to depot” function ensures these are seamlessly integrated into the day’s planning.


Maximizing Route Efficiency Despite set limits, Logi-IQ’s smart optimization considers all input constraints to ensure every task is planned within the operational capabilities, offering guidance on adjustments for including all tasks.


Traffic Considerations While Logi-IQ plans routes based on static data, real-time traffic is accounted for through integration with drivers’ default navigation apps, ensuring the most current route information is used.


Account Management For issues like accidental multiple account creation, Logi-IQ provides straightforward solutions for account selection and management, ensuring you can easily access your intended account.


Support and Assistance Logi-IQ’s dedicated support team is available to address any operational or technical concerns, ensuring smooth and efficient use of the platform for all your route optimization needs.

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