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14 MARCH, 2024

Logi-IQ Route Optimization Solution

In a significant stride towards redefining logistics and delivery management, And Africa Co., Ltd. proudly announces the official launch of Logi-IQ, the innovative route optimization Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. Following the successful beta version, Logi-IQ is now available with enhanced features and plans designed to cater to the varied needs of businesses striving for operational excellence and efficiency.

Transformative Impact on Logistics

Logi-IQ emerges as an essential tool in the complex world of logistics, aiming to dismantle the prevalent inefficiencies that hamper operational performance. It addresses the critical challenges of resource mismanagement, planning inefficiencies, and communication barriers, offering a comprehensive solution to optimize route planning, driver assignment, task management, and much more. Powered by advanced algorithms and user-friendly interfaces, Logi-IQ stands out as an optimal and affordable tool, providing precise control over logistical operations.

What’s New in the Official Launch?

The official launch of Logi-IQ introduces two tailored plans – Starter and Advanced – enabling customers to optimize a few hundred tasks in a single setting. This flexibility ensures that businesses of all sizes can find a solution that fits their specific needs, from small-scale operations to large enterprises.

Both plans feature access to the dispatcher dashboard and drivers’ app, ensuring seamless synchronization and task management. The user-centric design of these platforms facilitates an intuitive workflow, from task assignment to completion, all while maintaining a paperless and efficient process.

Anticipated New Features

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, Logi-IQ will soon introduce new features such as Paperless POD and Business Intelligence, that promise to further enhance the logistics management experience. These upcoming additions are designed with our users in mind, aiming to provide even more tools for operational optimization and performance excellence.

A Leap Forward with Logi-IQ

And Africa Co., Ltd., with its rich history in providing cutting-edge software solutions for the logistics industry, is excited to offer Logi-IQ as a testament to our dedication to advancing logistics technology. We invite businesses and logistics professionals to explore the full capabilities of Logi-IQ, confident that it will transform their operational landscape and set new standards of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

15 Nov, 2023

List of Logi-IQ benefits

In the complex world of logistics management, challenges such as mismanagement of time, costs, and fuel pose significant threats to efficiency and financial prudence. Inefficiencies in planning, synchronization bottlenecks, and tracking difficulties further complicate operations, impeding peak performance. Route optimization emerges as a strategic solution, promising to eliminate inefficiencies, enhance cost-effectiveness, and ensure precise logistical control.

Logi-IQ, an innovative Route Optimization Tool offered as a Service (SaaS) by And Africa Co., Ltd., a Japanese startup specializing in logistics software, introduces a transformative approach to delivery management. Designed to tackle logistical inefficiencies, resource waste, and communication barriers, Logi-IQ aims to redefine operational excellence with affordable solutions.

The life version of Logi-IQ is set for release in March 2024, with a Beta version currently available for a free trial until the end of February. This initiative highlights And Africa Co., Ltd.’s commitment to advancing logistics technology and engaging industry professionals in the platform’s development.

By participating in the Logi-IQ Beta, users can explore its features, register drivers, vehicles, and locations, and generate optimized task schedules. Feedback from this phase will inform enhancements for the official launch. Join the logistics revolution with Logi-IQ, and contribute to the future of efficient logistics management. Visit the Logi-IQ website to become part of this transformative journey.